What is a honey massage???

As the name describes we use honey instead of oil when we are performing a massage. Honey massage uses honey, which is not just a device, as oil in classical massage, but also a medium that works multifaceted and complex on our body. At first glance, this method seems similar to conventional massages. Those who have experience in performing classical massages have to learn new techniques and movements with hands. First, when we apply honey to the skin, it may initially allow the hand to slide as if through oil, but very quickly it becomes a gluey paste. Therefore any attempt of sliding through the skin is blocked.  The next major difference in performing a honey massage is a technique in performing. We have to press and loosen and roll with the inside of your hand. also by stimulating pressure and suction in the back with both hands. Honey massage is performed exclusively on the back area, from the seventh vertebra to the highest point of the buttocks. When we finish the massage the skin is restored, smooth and youthful. It is crucial before the first application of honey to the patient body, that we test him if it has allergies to honey. If the patient doesn’t know that he has allergies to honey, we can put a tiny amount of honey to his skin and wait for a couple of hours. If there is no reaction we can proceed with massage.

We need strong hands for honey massage

How does honey work during the massage?

For bees, honey is stored energy, the fuel their bodies, and heat and cool their colony. Honey has a 58% percent composition of blood plasma, which, when ingested, is utilized without residues in our body. When applied to the skin long enough, honey penetrates directly through the skin and enters the bloodstream. Thus absorbed during the food the peripheral parts of our body, which are the first to be affected by a blocked capillary circulation. Honey massage produces histamine, a hormone that stimulates the immune system in our body. Thus, a few days after performing a honey massage, the patient may feel that the condition has worsened. This is the response of our immune system to massage. Massage movements accelerate circulation and warm the body. Honey also acts as detox. Massage improves blood flow. Honey massage stimulates the reflex zones. It is performed by stimulating pressure and suction in the back with both hands. During the massage, the largest area of ​​the back is well-blooded and the muscles are relaxed and soft. When performing a massage, the skin is pink-red in color, while some sites do not change color. We normally used mixed floral honey. Because of its complex mixture of biologically active ingredients produced by honey bees. 

Use floral honey

How to perform a honey massage?

After we check our patient for allergies to honey. Then gently apply a large spoonful of floral honey to the back surface and spread it evenly over the back. Now you can start performing massage with the whole hand from the palm to the tip of the fingers, alternately with the right and left hands, with the rolling gestures, and are pressed each time in a different place.

After a few minutes, when the honey is no longer slippery and begins to stick, we shrink our hand so that the touch begins in the palm of your hand and ends in the same cylindrical motion at the tip of your fingers. This results in increased pressure on deeper layers of tissue. Usually, it takes around 15-25 minutes for the first waste slime to occur. But in some cases can waste slime occurs earlier or it takes way longer. This extraction is so sticky, so if we don’t use the rolling technique, it can be a very frustrating experience for the client. When performing a honey massage, you should not stay in one spot for more than eight seconds. We do this by constantly circling the back area.

Massage with the whole hand from the palm to the tip of the fingers, alternately with the right and left hands, with the rolling gestures, and are pressed each time in a different place.

When we finished with the massage, we washed the patient back with a damp towel. We soak the towel in clean hot water. The water temperature should be around 42ºC. First, we cover the back with a warm and damp towel for a few seconds. Then wipe it wide with even circular motions from the middle. The process is repeated until the back is clean. This is a very pleasant procedure for the client, so it must be done carefully and without haste!

Separation of poisons from the body?

Honey massage is one of the methods that successfully cleanse the body of heavy metals and toxins at a minimal cost. Unfortunately, the food industry cannot avoid synthetic aromas, colorants, flavor enhancers… .The sole purpose of which is to deceive our senses and stimulate our consumption. Also, with cosmetics and environmental influences, we get a lot of poisons into the body. They accumulate in our bodies until we get sick. In a honey massage, we pull out these toxic substances that are found under the skin and into the fat tissue. All of these toxins are found after the massage in the white waste slime on the patient’s back and our hands.

When to use a honey massage

• To strengthen the body

• skin cleansing

• blood circulation

• Cleansing the body of poisons

• Strengthening of the immune system

• relaxation and calmness

• for allergic events; except for allergies to honey

• rheumatic diseases

• disorders of the digestive system

• headache

• Insomnia

• menstrual problems

• depression

When we should not use honey massage

• for allergies to honey

• with open wounds

• In case of damaged skin and eczema

• in tumors because of the risk of metastasis

• for internal bleeding

• in people who have recently had a stroke

• at high eye pressure; glaucoma

• for thrombosis

• Infectious diseases

One of the gifts of nature, which has enriched us in many respects and has been used for millennia for sweetening, relaxation and as an integral part of natural folk medicine, is honey. Honey massage is an old Russian alternative method of treatment and prevention of various diseases.